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Welcome to Filadelfia

Whether you are searching for a church or are just looking for information, we welcome you. If you would like to contact us, you can call the church office at 535-4700 or email us at filadelfia@filadelfia.is
We want to be a church where everyone can find a home. For this reason, we offer services for diverse groups so that we can build up a giving community where  people's faith can grow.

On Sundays there are four services. At 11 am there is a service in Icelandic in the main auditorium. Translation is provided into english through headphones and childrens church takes place at the same time. At 13 there is a service in Spanish, the service takes place in the basement of the church. At 14 there is a service in English in the main auditorium, kids church takes place at the same time.

What can I expect if attend a Sunday service?

On Sundays the services are open to everyone and we try to design so they can be suitable for most people. No special dress code or other requirement is required.

Sunday services last about 60-80 minutes. The service consists of singing, preaching, and opportunities to pray. People are, of course, free to choose a seat anywhere in the hall and no seats are reserved.

Initially, we sing for about 10 to 15 minutes, then we pause for prayer, read a short Bible text, and follow this with the announcements. Usually, an offering takes place around this time, as the church's work is funded with donations from members and guests. There is absolutely no requirement for people to give, especially visitors or those who are coming for the first time. You are free to give or not, both are completely acceptable.

After the offering, there is more singing. Then the sermon follows and lasts 25-35 minutes and deals with material selected for that day. Most of the time, we do series of preaching over 4 weeks. We design the preaching to be practical, discussing issues that matter to us and relate to everyday life. We want the sermon to raise questions or ideas that we think about during the week. We attach great importance to using the Bible as the foundation of all of our sermons, but also provide the verses so that it is not necessary to read it for the purpose of the sermon. If your desire to read the verse increases when listening to the sermon, it is one sign that the sermon was good.

When the sermon concludes, we offer intercessory prayer as we sing the last songs. Intercessory prayer takes place in the small side auditorium next to the main auditorium.  

At the conclusion of the service, everyone is welcome to enjoy coffee and (very often) light refreshments in the cafeteria of the church on the ground floor.

Information Booth

On the middle floor of the church is an information booth that is always open after Sunday services. If you are coming for the first time to a service, we invite you to receive a gift from the Church that you can pick up from the information desk.

There you can also get information on various events and offerings of the Church. There you can register for courses and events, make a choice in volunteering etc.


Can anyone become a member?

Filadelfia is, of course, a church that is founded on religious beliefs. We are a community of people who want to follow Jesus and build our lives on the basis of the Bible that we believe is God's word. We consider everyone who has the same faith as part of the great Church family.

Without minimizing the traditions of other religions or in any way suggesting that others are less Christian, we demand that those who belong to our Church have received immersion baptism. We find it very clear in the Bible that, when speaking of baptism, it is a step that people choose after believing in Jesus Christ. We do not believe that baptism saves us as that is, first and foremost, a statement of what has happened in the life of the believer, and of the will of Jesus.
In the New Testament, people became part of the Church after baptism, and we simply want to follow that example. Baptism is not complicated, it's enough to speak about it to a pastor or the office,
Before the baptism takes place, we provide baptismal education that takes about 1 hour. If the person desiring baptism is faithful and intends to follow Jesus, there is nothing to prevent baptism. Baptism usually takes place during the morning service, usually a few people are baptized together.


The church is quite diverse and everyone should find something suitable, whether learning from a course or a pure social activity.
In the Church, there is a large number of people from everywhere in the community as well as people of all ages. It is common for people to have good friendships with other people in the Church.

The diverse activities of the Church create a forum for people to become acquainted with other people and establish friendships.
There are community groups that operate in the Church, again very diverse, and very often they meet in people's homes. The community groups often meet bi-monthly, some monthly, and discuss Church teaching material, converse, pray together, and get acquainted. You may wish to join the community through the Church office. 

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