Hvítasunnukirkjan Fíladelfía

Missions and aid work

Truely I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. - Jesus Christ

Matthew 25:40

As followers of Jesus we believe that we should follow his example. Jesus made disciples and told us to do the same (Matt 28: 18-19). Jesus also met the needs of people - to eat, to comfort, to heal, to counsel, to be concerned about the welfare of others. (Matt 25: 34-40).

In response to Jesus' words, we want to tell others the good news that Jesus is the resurrection, the deliverer and the savior. We also want to meet the needs of people and help them in their time of need. These two callings go well together as we know that life is better when we experience peace with God.  

In our church, we encourage everyone to find a way to take time to serve people in the missions and aid work of the church, at least once a year and, if possible, much more.  

Opportunities exist to visit prisons, to work at the local Assistance Center, to visit nursing homes, to help in smaller churches around the country, to travel abroad to do mission work or help in one of our missions centers abroad, to visit the homes of our 'locked-in' older adults, to do mission work in the center city, to work with people in need, to visit universities and much, much more. Wherever people are, there is a need.
Gifts and Contributions 2017

The church gave a total of 8.900.427 ISK toward gifts and contributions in the year 2017.
Altogether, the church gave 4.244.471 ISK to churches and missionaries in 2017. Of this 1.585.100 ISK went to the Pentecostal church in Iceland, 1.424.600 ISK went to the Christian radio station in Iceland, 430.000 ISK went towards teaching grants, 249.771 ISK went to the Bible society, and 550.000 ISK went to missionaries.

Altogether, the church contributed 4.655.956 ISK to charities that support people in need. 
Of this 868.217 ISK went to the Hlaðgerðarkot rehabilitation Center, 500.000 ISK went to the Red Cross, 500.000 ISK went to the Salvation Army, 500.000 ISK went to the Mother's Fund, 500.000 ISK went to the Samhjálp food center, 1.080.000 ISK went to support local families, 619.446 ISK went to the  ABC children organisation, and 88.293 ISK went towards other contributions. Not included in the total was 1.189.874 that was used to purchase gifts for prisoners at Christmas and Easter.

Pictures of missions in action

Fundraising for missions and aid work

It seems that everything in this world costs something. The church does its best to save money to support good causes and tries to help the most people that it can. When collecting offerings for missions and aid work, we charge no administration fee so that all funds go directly to those in need.  


Filadelfia's Christmas Concert - for those in need 

Skate Party

Since 1992, the Pentacostal church Filadelfia has held a Christmas Concert for those in need. Every year, we give a few million ISK to those in need, both through charities and also directly to individuals and families. Last year, the largest donations went to, among others, the Mother's Fund, the Salvation Army, the coffee place at the Assistance center, the Red Cross, Church Aid, and  Helping Families Iceland.

Offerings on Sunday

On the second Sunday of the month, a special offering is taken to support missionaries. The monies collected are distributed to various projects of our missionaries.
In 2017, the first Skate (a type of fish) party was held on the 23rd of December (Þorláksmessa). The proceeds from the party went to support the addiction program at the Assistance Center at Hlaðgerðarkoti. About 500.000 ISK was raised that went directly to the program.


If you wish to contribute to the missionaries or aid work of Filadelfia, you can do this by donating to the special accounts set aside for these purposes.  
Account to help those most in need:
Kt: 540169-3739
Kt: 540169-3739

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