Hvítasunnukirkjan Fíladelfía

Youth Group

Fíladelfía's Youth Group 

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are always welcome.

Fíladelfía's youth group is called "Fíló" and is for any youth from the age of 13. This lively group of teenagers meets up frequently and have tons of fun together.

Each Friday at 8pm, there is a youth meeting in the side auditorium of the church. You enter from the parking lot of the church at Hátún 2, and walk up the inside stairs.

All teenagers are most welcome to join!
The youth meetings are in Icelandic, but translation is provided when needed.

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Youth Leader

Björn Inge Aurdal

Björn Inge has been the youth leader in Fíladelfía since the spring of 2021. He is originally from Norway, and has a lot of experience in youth work both from the Christian student movements in both Norway and K*****stan (secret for security reasons) and Filadelfia in Ålesund, Norway. He loves coffee, food, traveling, books, languages, good conversations, and teaching the Bible to young people.